Boost your Bank Balance with Intuition!

From average…to ABUNDANT!

An in-depth 8 week online programme that will give you the tools to transform your money situation and gain financial freedom!!

Are you an action-taking female fortypreneur who…

🌟is doing well in your business but getting more and more nudges telling you that NOW is the time to step up, play a bigger game, and claim that income you desire and deserve?

🌟 KNOWS RIGHT NOW that you're ready for more money but want to find the missing jigsaw piece to speed up the process with fun and flow?

🌟 Wants powerful tools that will help you bring the income to create the lifestyle YOU want, over and over again?

Then....this programme is for you!


Eight weeks of intensive mindset coaching where you can really tap into the 80% of your potential that lies in your intuition. You will be unlearning a lot of what you know, and learning a totally new way of generating the income you TRULY WANT...not what you think you "can" have, or what other people say you can have!


🌟Group coaching for an hour a week, keeping you accountable, and building strong relationships with people who will support you

🌟 An extra hour 1 to 1 session with me which can be taken any time throughout the programme…this is where we get to the root of everything that’s holding you back, and clear it powerfully and effectively!

🌟A personalised transformation recording to calibrate your mind for abundance.

🌟 Unlimited messenger support throughout the programme.

All of this for an investment of £3000


Just imagine....

  • Being able to create MORE money in a shorter time, so you could spend more time doing more of what makes you happy!
  • Have that peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about how much you spend, and learn to enjoy money once more!
  • Giving yourself permission to make your big dreams a reality by understanding that there are really NO LIMITS, tapping into your intuition and attracting the money that makes them happen!



I’m Helen Adams, leader of the Female Business Revolution, Business & Mindset Coach, Master Practitioner in NLP and an international best selling co-author. My mission is to empower a million female entrepreneurs round the globe smash their money blocks, tap into their intuition and transition to financial freedom.

I’m passionate about this for two reasons.

First, I want to see a world where women aren’t depending on others for money, don’t have to worry about what they spend, and start creating a lifestyle on THEIR terms so they can live the dreams they dared to dream.

And second…when more of the world’s money is in the hands of more of the world’s women, then we can make the massive global changes that will benefit women EVERYWHERE!


For many years until I started my business, I knew I was meant to be living a much bigger purpose than a 9-5 job. When I decided to really follow my soul, my life turned round...and so did my financial situation. However, it took me almost fifty years to do this, and I was determined to help other women not waste as much time, energy and money as I did. I want to see other women being empowered and fulfil their purpose too. I can identify with the position you are in right now, and by sharing with you the right blend of mindset and strategy I will show you how to open up to your full potential, clear your blocks and gain that income that will enable you to achieve your dreams!


I have TOTAL confidence that this programme will work for you, so I have decided to give you a guarantee!

If you are able to give written proof that you have completed all the work over the 8 weeks and not made at least the minimum of the course money back then I will coach you on a one to one basis for as long as it takes for you to make that money!


"I've just completed Helen's 8 week group coaching programme, Boost your Bank Balance with Intuition. This is a great programme that really works. Helen shows you how to harness the power of your intuition and break those money mindset blockers.

I've gone from denying I could have a 6-figure business to believing I could and actually going after it.

In the 8 weeks working with Helen I saw collaborations, visibility, and new clients grow so quickly. Better still I brought in over £3500 in that time - more than I had in over 3 months!

It's such a powerful course I'd recommend every fem-preneur gets themselves a space. You won't regret it - a great decision for me. Thank you Helen!"

Jeanette Forder, Founder & CEO, Phoenix Wellness Coaching

"Thanks to you and this course, I have had a total transformation. It's the way that people, especially family, are responding to my businesses now that is a massive shift too. Finally taking me seriously, not doubting me or questioning me.

I've literally not stopped with so much going on and as for the car I was manifesting, I'm now sat behind a gorgeous set of wheels in a considerably shorter time than 'normal!'

The 'cost' of my car plus the income from this course was around £5000. Thank you!

Shelley Allard Smart, entrepreneur

"I've been following Helen for several months as I build my business.

I've struggled with my money mindset blocks and it was listening to one of Helen's lives that gave me a push to step out of my comfort zone and make a cold call. That cold call bagged me £2k! Listening to Helen speak about removing blocks and after having a discovery call with her I knew that I had to step into my Higher Self. It worked. Thank you Helen!"

Louisa Herridge, Mamas Ignited

So, are you ready to boost your bank balance with intuition?